Neverland is home to lost boys like me, and lost boys like me are free.-Ruth B, Lost boy.

We often hear stories about Peter Pan and the Lost boys and of their various adventures in Neverland, never aging and constantly free and of course running away from Captain Hook. I’ve always hated the terrible character hook was made to represent. What we all failed to realize was that Hook was also a lost boy. I like how hook was portrayed in J.V Hart’s book; Captain Hook: The adventures of a notorious youth, where the various events leading to the birth of the supposed villain Captain Hook were explored.

A young boy who was misunderstood, but definitely had a good heart. Hook’s father abandoned him and that left a void no one could fill. What’s worse, after not seeing his father for so long, the only reason he saw this esteemed man of the court was because James had done something he thought was disgraceful.

What we don’t know about this version of Hook was that he fell in love with a Sultana, the beautiful Ananova but couldn’t have her in the end. He ended up on a slave ship, and yes he killed to become the ship’s captain but I learned that even the darkest of villains can have a hero’s heart. James had an acute sense of Justice and yes that’s when his cruelty shows but he always went out of his way to make sure oppressors got what they deserved.

Hook’s quest for Neverland was for one reason alone; Ananova. Hook left everything in London because quite frankly, he had nothing to lose. He never truly felt loved and the only love he ever received however briefly he felt it was enough to roam the high seas following the North Star in his quest for Neverland.

The lost boys seemed to have done the same thing hook did. They left places that never loved them and came to Neverland so why was Hook never given the satisfaction of finally having some sort of Peace?

I found it was easier to identify with Harts version of Hook as a lost boy rather than Peter Pans gang because even as he is ‘lost’ he still never really got much acceptance from people, even people who were lost like he was. He actually showed real raw emotions that we feel on a daily basis, from anger to despair to even happiness for a brief moment. He was about as lonely as I feel sometimes and he never did get his happy ending.

Now here’s the big question. Does Neverland exist?
I think it does. We all have our own Neverlands. That place in our heads we escape to for a short while when things get rough and we need to get away from all reality for a while. Peter pan and the lost boys never age because they’re stuck in their Neverland and refuse to face reality and are and have gotten comfortable in their unreal perfect world. But that’s not you. It shouldn’t be you.

To all the Hooks out there who are lost boys too and just looking to get away for a while, search for your Neverland, however long it may take to find that one place or person that makes you feel wanted and accepted because that’s where your freedom lies. That’s where you’ll learn to let go. Learn to find that the real treasure is you.